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Website Promotion
Website Promotion (Search Engine Optimization)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a sub set of web promotion methods aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engine listings to bring more visitors to the website once a relevant search is undertaken.

Search engine optimization process:

You need to know that what is a search engine optimization process, after developing a Web site and selecting the best hosting company, don't rush out and submit it to search engines immediately. A Web site manager would be wise to take a little time for optimisation of your web site for search engines.

Home page design optimization:
Search Engine friendly design which have cleanness in design and Easy Navigation, along with relevant content and other search engine fundamentals included in it.
Title of web page :
Title is probably the most significant part of your page as far as search engines are concerned. No search engine optimization process is complete until you've added your keyword to the <TITLE> tag.

Use of Meta tags:
Meta tags are the additional pieces of information, which are, included into the "head" area of your web pages in the web pages HTML code. Meta information in this area is used to communicate information that a human visitor may not be concerned with but for browser and search engine spiders etc.

Some of the most important keywords

Meta Description Tag
The Meta description tag allows you to influence the description of your page in the crawlers that support the tag. Your description reflects then most important part of your web page.

Meta Keyword Tag
Identify primary keywords and consistently use them throughout your SEO efforts. The meta keywords tag allows you to provide additional text for crawler-based search engines to index along with your body copy. You should put all your targeted keywords that are relevant for your web page.